Thursday, October 11, 2012

$10,000 virtapay contest

About Us

We VirtaPay User Marketplace would like to hear your ideas about our site. In exchange we will give gifts and prizes and career opportunities within our networks. Ok let me explain about the owner of this site. He is Washeen and the CEO , , , and and so many other web sites (324 sites)

Ideas & Win
We would like virtapay users to gather with us and work as a team and build up a business plan to earn money. If you work along you will archive one thing, but if you work with a group you will archive lot of things. Lets say you make a site and ranked it 10,000,000 within 10 days, if you had a team of 10 members you will be able to get your site rank for 1,000,000 at the same time period, yes its true you will have to divide your income but it will be better than getting nothing. I know that you people work hard to get a job and earn a part time from online, but did you ever make a penny out there working along. Join me , I am WASHEEN and check my sites to know who I am and what I am Capable of.

Surf each and every inch of this site and come up with a business plan as well as your own ideas and opportnuities and pm those to admin wash91

For the best Idea
1st place 5000vp + moderators privileged in this site + future opportunities and involvements at , , , and

2nd place 2500vp+ moderators privileged in this site

3rd place 1500vp+ moderators privileged in this site

4th to 10th 500vp each. + each member moderates a forum

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012