Saturday, December 17, 2011

Work at home best ops in 2012

Alternative Jobs

Here you can make money taking surveys and filling small forms, this job is highly recommend for the home moms and work from home people plus colleague students because they can devote at least 1 hour per day and can earn from $25 to $75 for a form they filled. However you need to be register for a small membership cost but don't worry if you feel this is not for you you can request money back they have a policy to 60 day money back so no worries.

Here if you are a writer this is the job you need, you can earn money for writing articles and eBooks and some people earn more than $2000 from 1 ebook per month and they have over 10 eBook for sale, so grab you seat now. Same as above these people also give you a 60 day money back guarantee Cash 365 days A Year

This is a day by day income opportunity, you earn $10 to $15 in your 1st day and after the training you need to keep it up and keep increasing the income from them. I personally earn $21.00 per day avg.

If you are a investor at forex or in any stock market or if you are willing to join then this is the best of the best . Just take a look.They have a 30 day money back policy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We will give you more than 400 eBooks to sell at VirtaPay

We will give you more than 400 eBooks to sell at VirtaPay under 1 condition you will need to sell those in one of our marketplace either at or

Your Benefit 
  • You can keep the virtapay income from selling these eBooks 
  • You can earn money to your paypal passing some goals we give you
How to get paid real money

We have mention some goals ;

For selling 1000 to 1999 sales you earn $20 to your paypal
For selling 2000 to 3999 sales you earn $50 to your paypal
For selling 4000 to 6999 sales you earn $100 to your paypal
For selling 7000 to 9999 sales you earn $500 to your paypal

All these will be given by the admin of the site

Some of the eBooks we give you 


FileFileAnd More than 400 reseller right eBooks and products to sell for virtapay

Send us a email and we can discuss how you can get in

Looking to sell your VirtaPay products

Looking to sell your VirtaPay products and cannot afford to buy a domain to sell those or cannot afford to get more traffic to your site??????????????

Now don't worry about it, we have the best solution for you. Just register and see the change ...

Just register and send the admin asking the permission to become a Checked user which is free but a method to earn from the site.

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Post Your Ads Here [Search Engine Friendly]SEO+PR

Use This service to get more visitors to your site or to promote any product. This is free but really helpful in many ways to webmasters and other. Just see this and you wont be disappoint.

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Exchange Your VirtaPay the best and the most reliable method

Hi Guys today i am going to tell you how you can exchange your virtapay credits into paypal or any currency you like to.

First Step:- Go to and register in the site

Second step :- Click sell a item and choose the category Exchange VirtaPay into paypal or Paypal into VirtaPay

Third step:- List your amount lets say you need to have $100 paypal money for your $1000vp credits then list your $1000 vp for starting bidding at $10paypal.

Now the best part : go to and make a blog its free
Then using your virtapay account go to Sell and click +Add New Item

Item Name: Enter a name for your product or service.[Put your min exchange rates]
Price: $ (limit: $25.00) Enter a price you feel is appropriate.[just put $1.00vp]
Sales URL: Enter the URL (full web address) to the "sales page" where your potential buyers can learn about your product or service. This is the page where you will put your VirtaPay buy button. [put your blog site url]
Delivery URL: Enter the URL (full web address) to the "delivery page" where your buyers will be directed after completing the sale. This page should give the buyer exactly what was described on the sales page. More details....      [put the auction site your bid url which is given by the site]  

For the blog put what exchange you required and how you need it to be done

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.com domains for $1.00

Get a brand new .com domain for just $1.00 from Goddady this is a limited time offer from them because of the Christmas

Share the info with others by giving my buy button 5 stars

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Income Generating Method for you

Hi friends I am going to tell you a method to earn from online, which is the best and the easiest of methods. But there are some side affects but we can work on those I will tell you that.

Ok has the admin of this site I will tell how this method works

Do you know Pay Per Click advertising methods.
If you already know about it then you should know that you can earn a huge income from it too.

If you can get 100 clicks per day then you can earn something between $100 to max $1,000 but i am not talking about adsense if we can go for it then you can make like max $2000 from 100 clicks per day.

So I made a method to get 100's of clicks for you and you will earn without getting banned from those advertisers. Just join and lets talk what to do.

How to join

1. Make a free blog at
2. Make a account at

So register at our site and using Contact Us form send me a email with your blog site url, then i will send you more details about this.

Here is a short detail about how this works

Can you see the the bar name "Your Ad Here" in right hand side. You see the link there as Site 1 .

Lets say
We have 100 members willing to earn from this method then all the 100 web sites will get numbers as 1 ,2 ,3 etc. so all those will be put at that bar so we will give our users including you a time and a method and a style to visit these sites and click those ads in our users sites.

Dont worry you cant be wrong or get banned because we know the ratio and style.

Register now plus give 5 stars at virtapay so we can get more members to join this method and which mean more clicks for your site giving you more income

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Back Link Factory



Aspects of making any money online, is getting enough targeted Traffic. There must be an easier way to get a lot of Traffic than hundreds of hours spent on SEO? You need to get a back link for each of the links added to your resource box...

Alone we are weak, Together we are strong offer for virtapay users

Lets say I am looking for over 100 sellers to join my auction site as well as my marketplace as sellers.

I provide all the selling Items and necessary information and guide from A-Z
I provide all the arrangements

What you should do

Earn more virtapay income from virtapay
Earn real cash from cash prizes which i am giving .

Work for me and feel the change

Give me 5 stars so that we can start gathering more sellers as a team

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Benefits Of Open Payments of VirtaPay

“Open payments” are now live. What does this mean for you? Open payments allow you to request payment from VirtaPay buyers using a new type of pay button.

How do Open Payments work?

As covered in the last blog post, open payments are different from the existing system—here’s how…
  • Create unlimited “buy now” buttons.
  • Not listed on the VirtaPay Buy page.
  • Not limited to digital items. All legal products and services are allowed.
  • Not rated by buyers, as Buy page transactions are.
To create an open payment buy button, just click the “Sell” link when logged in. If you’re already logged in, just click here.

What Open payment and my offer can do 

Join our virtapay auction site or Virtapay Marketplace and get more virtapay sales plus real money to your accounts like paypal.

Just give me 5 stars to gather a handful of sellers so that we can work for the betterment of ourselves. Along we are not strong but together we are strong

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top Quality Games

All the type of games which are far more advance and greater than faceBook Games

Buy and go for this opportunity

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Some Examples from 398 games better than Facebook

Snowy: Lunch Rush

Crusaders Of Space: Ope...

Snowy: Treasure Hunter

Lisa's Fleet Flight

Path to Success

Totem Tribe

Snowy: Space Trip

Smash Frenzy 4

Friday, December 9, 2011

Money Making Membership site

Hey Guys I recently found a new site at

Just share this with all the members , also i have talk with the admin of the site and he said "Ok I will Give 20 full membership for free" so just shout for it. Those who know knows the benefit of such a site....

Share this info before all the VIP memberships filled out

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Get to me soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Online Team Needed

First of all I will tell you the logic here .

VirtaPay said to have over 150,000 active users, Just imagine out of 150,000 there were 100,000 members visit our auction site and just imagine out of 100,000 there were like 10,000 visitors visits our site daily...

So do you know from these 10,000 visits we can generate $500 per day and $15,000 real money per month without spending any penny from both our sides( I mean our visitors and my team)

So How do we do this

We need to 1st gather and next to plan each strategy and we will try my plans to bring these 100,000 active users to our site. I need at least 50 member team and each members of this team will get ranks and positions in various plans within the team. EXAMPLEs; Forum Moderators , Forum Admins, And affiliate managers and many.

How can you earn

At 1st till we get at least 10,000 users we cant expect a huge earning therefor lets try to get 10,000 first then to 100,000...............We can discuss more and more if there are members who really need to do something without spending there lifes just in here and there in online finding a income opportunity.

Just leave a comment or email me and also give 5 stars so that we can gather more teammates and can start this project soon.

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How VirtaPay Auction Site Works


How to Pay

You can pay either by paypal if the seller prefer paypal or if the seller prefer VirtaPay then you need to 1st contact the seller using our massage board to pay from virtapay.

Item Watch

Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.


To register as a new user, click on Register at the top of the window. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address. You must be at least 18 years of age to register.! Please confirm your membership activation button in your email inbox. If you cannot find the activation link in the email please click show images for this site.

If a buyer buys my item how can i get paid

We provide several methods to get your earnings, with paypal and 4 other paying gateways, But we also provide buyer to contact you for any other payment buyer request. So the buyer will contact from our massage board.

How to get paid using VirtaPay

Seller can choose which payment gateway he/she prefer to get paid to. But for virtapay payment you can contact the buyer and ask the payments to your virtapay account using our massage board. After the payments are made you should provide feedback for the buyer. After the payments made you go to your at Go to (My control Manel)> Selling Items > Winner Details > Set as Paid And make sure you send the product what you sold within 24 hours

Earn VirtaPay

Points are awarded on two basis. Direct points and Indirect Points.

What is Direct Points
They awarded when someone clicks your Referral URL what we provided, an Invitation is Send, your profile is visited by you. 1 point is awarded for each action. For Webmasters you refer 5 points for 1st level, 3 points for 2nd level and 1 point for 3rd level referral is awarded.

What is Indirect Points
These are the weightage points from Webmaster points. 50% for 1st level referral direct points, 30% for 2nd level referral direct points, 10% for 3rd level Webmaster direct points.  

So 10 points = $1.00vp
So If you want you can change these to paypal using our auction site too

Example : When you earn 1000 points you get $100vp. etc.

Go to the main site and click the webmaster link below
Coming Soon Features at the AuctionBay

A affiliate program like CLICKBANK, affiliate can sell choosed products and earn a commission from the seller using paypal or virtapay

Please share these details or give us 5 stars so that many users can see whats this about.Plz give 5 stars for both buttons

This is my 2nd button some foolish people flagging real items to get there scam items for top..

Free Hosting

Do you need Unlimited Web Hosting
Do you need Unlimited Bandwidth 
Do you need free domains
Do you need advertising free hosting
Newest PHP
Wordpress Themes
All these in one for no cost at all 

I will give all these for giving me 5 stars for my virtapay buy buttons at below.

I am not talking about web000 or any other this is a newly opened hosting service and they only give 1000 memberships which cost $97.00 per year if you choose a another service like this but I can give those 1000 for 1000 people for free but to mention you cant find this type of offer any where.


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Give these 5 buttons 5 stars each and send me a email [4th button will done the hosting service]...It will only take total of $0.05 virtapay to get $97.00 yearly valuable service......